DNREC Open Data


The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is part of the Delaware Open Data Council established by Executive Order 57.

As part of the Council, DNREC is helping set the standards for, and launching some of the earliest versions of, open data from Delaware state agencies via the Delaware Open Data Portal.

The Open Data Council will build on, and expand, the data offerings that state agencies have long tried to provide such as DNREC’s Environmental Navigator and the FirstMAP geospatial data site for Delaware. The Council, through the Department of Technology and Information, has entered into a contract with Socrata to provide an open data portal tool that Delaware can use to publish its open data.

DNREC Data in the Open Data Portal

DNREC has added a number of datasets to the Portal and will continue to add data based on agency priorities and public requests.

Counts of different species of waterfowl found in regular aerial surveys of Delaware waterfowl habitat areas. Go to the data.
Contains information about toxic chemicals in Delaware. It is based on annual reports from facilities that use or manufacture those chemicals. DNREC publishes annual state Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reports and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes national TRI reports. Annual reports are published at the end of each calendar year and cover the previous calendar year. Go to the data.
Database of Notices of Intent (NOI) to apply for coverage under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) general permit for storm water discharges associated with construction activity. A record of planned construction activities that might cause storm water discharges. Go to the data.
Data on advisories issued for water quality problems in selected recreational water areas. Go to the data.
A geospatial data set depicting the current Natural Areas as identified by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. Go to the data.
A listing of properties protected and /or acquired under the Delaware Open Space Program. Go to the data.
A listing of permits for the installation of small (individual structure) and large (multi-structure) septic systems. This dataset includes information such as location (tax parcel), size and capacity, date, and permit number. Go to the data.
A listing of professionals issued licenses for eight classes of professional activity related to wastewater treatment and disposal systems. Go to the data.
A listing of permits for water wells. The dataset includes information such as location (tax parcel), capacity, date and permit number. Specific location data, for some well types, is redacted per state law. Go to the data.

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