DNREC Regulations

The regulations that govern the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) are published by the Office of the Registrar of Regulations as part of the Delaware Administrative Code.

Regulations Under Development

DNREC follows an internal regulatory development process to ensure that, to the extent possible, everyone who is interested in a proposed action regarding a regulation is properly notified about it, that the department follows a predictable and open process in developing, adopting, amending, and/or repealing such regulations, and that all these processes conform to legal and programmatic requirements.

All regulatory changes begin with an internal DNREC Start Action Notice (SAN) which lists the type and purpose of the proposed change, the statutory basis for the action, affected stakeholders, schedules and more information.  As part of the public review process, regulatory changes are published in the monthly Register of Regulations.

SAN # Regulation Under Development Division Publication
 2018-02 State Parks
(7 DE Admin Code 9201)
Division of Parks and Recreation January 1, 2018
 2018-01 Wildlife
(7 DE Admin Code 3900)
Division of Fish & Wildlife January 1, 2018
2017-18 1102 Permits
(7 DE Admin Code 1100)
Division of Air Quality
2017-17 Regulations Governing Delaware’s Coastal Zone
(7 DE Admin Code 101) (More Information)
Division of Energy and Climate
2017-16 Non-tidal Finfish
(7 DE Admin Code 3300)
Division of Fish & Wildlife
2017-14 Regulations Governing Evaluation, Measurement and Verification Procedures and Standards
(7 DE Admin Code 2105)
Division of Energy and Climate
2017-13 Boiler Safety Regulations for Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and Nuclear
(7 DE Admin Code 1353)
Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances January 1, 2018
2017-12 Regulations Governing Hazardous Substance Cleanup
(7 DE Admin Code 1375)
Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances
2017-11 Boating
(7 DE Admin Code 3100)
 Division of Fish & Wildlife
2017-10 Acid Rain Program
(7 DE Admin Code 1136)
Division of Air Quality October 1, 2017
2017-09 Delaware Low Emission Vehicle Program
(7 DE Admin Code 1140)
Division of Air Quality October 1, 2017
2017-07 Standards of Performance for Steel Plants: Electric Arc Furnaces (Repeal)
(7 DE Admin Code 1123)
Division of Air Quality October 1, 2017
(Proposed Repeal)
2017-01 Regulations Governing the Guidelines to Evaluate Land Being Considered for Permanent Protection (New Regulation)
(7 DE Admin Code 109)
Division of Parks and Recreation August 1, 2017
2016-16 Regulations Governing Hazardous Waste
(7 DE Admin Code 1302)
Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances
2016-10 Underground Storage Tanks (Federally-mandated amendments)
(7 DE Admin Code 1351)
Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances
2016-09 Regulations for the Green Energy Program
(7 DE Admin Code 2103)
Division of Energy and Climate
2016-05 Regulations for Licensing Operators of Wastewater Facilities
(7 DE Admin Code 7204)
Division of Water July 1, 2017
2015-10 Sediment & Stormwater Regulations
(7 DE Admin Code 5105)
Division of Watershed Stewardship August 1, 2016
2015-08 Regulations Governing Solid Waste
(7 DE Admin Code 1301)
Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances August 1, 2017
2013-26 Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions Section 33
(7 DE Admin Code 1124)
Division of Air Quality
2012-21 Regulations Governing Underground Injection Control (Federally-mandated amendments)
(7 DE Admin Code 7102)
Division of Water November 1, 2017

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