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Climate + Health Conference

On June 6, 2017, the DNREC Division of Energy and Climate hosted the Delaware Climate +¬†Health Conference at the Buena Vista Conference Center in New Castle. The event brought together health and medical professionals, environmental and social groups, and critical services stakeholders to explore the ways climate change is exacerbating challenges in public and environmental […]
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Flood Risk and Avoidance

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) provides resources to state agencies and local government planners to help them identify and find ways to lessen risks from flooding. State agencies are responsible for building and maintaining infrastructure that keeps the state running. Roads, schools, wastewater treatment and parks are planned and paid for […]
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Confronting Climate Change: What Can I Do?

You can help protect your family, friends, and communities from climate change by using less energy, making smart travel choices,¬†weather-proofing your home, and choosing sustainable behaviors every day. The bad news is that human actions are the primary cause of climate change. Our everyday activities like driving gas cars and using electricity require energy, and […]
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Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to climate change means preparing Delawareans for changes that are happening as a result of climate change: changes in temperature, rainfall, and sea level rise. There are a variety of ways that Delaware is adapting to climate change. Exploring the Links Between Climate and Health Delaware’s experts in environmental issues, public health, emergency management, […]
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Taking Action

Climate change is a huge, complicated issue. In tackling a challenge of this scale, Delaware is taking action across state agencies to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, and to fortify the state against the impacts we already have begun to experience. Strong Public Support The overwhelming majority of Delawareans accept that climate change […]
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Greenhouse Gases

Delaware is reducing the greenhouse gases that come from everyday activities like driving gas vehicles and using energy. This is the key to preventing the worst effects of climate change. Our actions today will determine the effects we experience in the near tomorrow. Climate change is caused by the burning of fossil fuels like gasoline […]
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Understanding Climate Change

In Delaware, scientists, state agencies and local partners are working together to understand how climate change is affecting our state. What do we know about climate change and Delaware? Climate change is already affecting Delaware. Over the coming years, we can anticipate even worse effects–more days of dangerously high heat, heavier precipitation, and sea level […]
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Topic: Climate Change

Climate change is happening now and it affects our everyday lives. We are seeing increased frequency and strength of coastal storms. Rainfall events are becoming more severe. Heat waves are affecting human health and our valuable agricultural sector. And, as a coastal state, we must pay attention to changes in sea levels.
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