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Prescription for Health

Getting outside and playing is one of the best things that kids can do to stay healthy and happy. Doctor Outdoors says get out and play for at least 30 minutes a day.
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Get Involved

Get outside and enjoy nature. Volunteer for Children in Nature Events. Follow the Coalition on Facebook or twitter. social media. Join our e-mail newsletter and stay in touch.
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Children in Nature Coalition Goals

The Delaware Children in Nature Coalition has set an ambitious list of goals for the next few years.
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Coalition Partners

The Delaware Children in Nature Coalition is a partnership among state agencies, educational leaders, schools, non-profits and outdoor enthusiasts from around the state.
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The Delaware Children in Nature Coalition

The Delaware Children in Nature Coalition was established to encourage environmental literacy, increase opportunities for children to participate in outdoor experiences, promote healthy lifestyles, and support better access to green space.
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Outdoor Bill of Rights

Outdoor activity can nourish a child’s physical, social, and emotional development, while connecting them to the resources available in their backyard. Encounters with and growing knowledge of the natural world enhances academic performance and helps prepare our children for the opportunities and challenges ahead.
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Children in Nature

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Topic: Wildlife and Fish

DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife manages nearly 50,000 acres of land that provides habitat for a multitude of wild plants, animals, fish, insects and rare species of all kinds. And it spearheads several important wildlife and habitat conservation and education initiatives, including the Wildlife Species Conservation and Research Program and the Delaware Shorebird Project.
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