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Reg. 2 Permits Application: BT-Newyo LLC (UPS)

Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances
Start Date: June 16, 2019
End Date: July 1, 2019

Notice is hereby given that applications have been filed by BT-Newyo LLC (UPS), for a construction/operating permit for a Stage I EVR vapor recovery system, at their facility located at UPS New Castle, 721 Hamburg Road, New Castle, DE in New Castle County.

The application may be inspected at the office of the Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances, 391 Lukens Drive, New Castle, Delaware.  For additional information or an appointment to inspect the application, please contact:

Jennifer Vavala
Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances
Tanks Compliance
391 Lukens Drive
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 395-2500

The comment period ends on July 1st.  A public hearing on the above applications will NOT be held unless the Secretary of DNREC receives a request within 15 days from the date of this notice.  A request for a hearing shall be in writing and must also show a familiarity with the application and a reasoned statement of the permit’s probable impact.   THIS IS THE ONLY LEGAL NOTICE TO APPEAR.

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