Division of Air Quality

The Division of Air Quality monitors and regulates all emissions to the air. It issues permits to construct and permits to operate air contaminant sources. It maintains emission inventories from business and industry. It develops the State’s implementation plan as required by the Clean Air Act. It adopts new regulations and supports enforcement of existing regulations. And it permits and inspects asbestos removal efforts.

Blue Skies Delaware;

Clean Air for Life

Mission: To continuously optimize Delaware’s air quality by working with citizens and business to protect public health, welfare, and the environment.

Natural Minor Permit Fees

Learn about a proposed increase in Natural Minor permit fees.

Special Projects

Learn about special air quality monitoring studies.

Public Hearing Exhibits

Review public hearing exhibits from Division of Air Quality.

Air Quality Monitoring

Learn about air quality in Delaware and Delaware’s air quality monitoring network.

Residential Open Burning


Learn about the risks of asbestos and how Delaware works to protect us.

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Find out how Delaware works with other states to improve air quality.

Contact Us

We’re here to help you. Find out who to call for help or with questions.

Business Assistance

Find free regulatory advisory assistance for new and existing small businesses.

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