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The Division of Air Quality is committed to openness and transparency as it updates and amends state Air Quality Regulations and related state implementation plans. This page provides information on items under development.

Revisions to the Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions

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Frank Gao
Division of Air Quality

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The Division of Air Quality is revising sections 26 and 36 of the Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions regulations (7 DE Admin. Code 1124).

Section 26 regulates “Gasoline Dispensing Facility Stage I Vapor Recovery.” It is commonly referred to in Delaware as The Stage I Rule. Section 36 regulates “Vapor Emission Control at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities” and is commonly referred to as The Stage II rule.

The objectives of the revisions are (1) to phase out Stage II vapor recovery systems at Delaware gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs), and (2) to set up effective controls on vapor emission from GDFs’ gasoline underground storage tanks (USTs) after phasing out Stage II systems.

The current regulatory process started in early 2018 with DNREC Start Action Notice 2018-07.