Delaware Outdoor Classroom Network

The Delaware Outdoor Classroom Network is a joint effort between Delaware Children in Nature and the Delaware Association for Environmental Education designed to be a way for teachers, environmental education providers and others to share resources, successes, and solutions to outdoor classrooms and getting students outdoors.

Delaware Schoolyard Biodiversity Project

Ebony JewelwingThe Delaware Schoolyard Biodiversity Project focuses on observations of wild species, such as a wildflower, weed, butterfly, or bird, instead of things like potted house plants or pet dogs. Student observations become a permanent record of biodiversity. Observations can be made in a schoolyard habitat or on the ball field, in the parking lot, or wherever one finds natural life at school. The project uses, an easy to use citizen science app designed to help students record observations of the natural world.

Sharing Ideas and Resources

The Network is based on sharing ideas and resources. To join the Network email

Bay Backpack

An online resource that supports hands-on environmental learning.

Eco-Schools USA

A national program for grades PreK–12 combining the effective green management of school grounds, facilities, and curriculum to empower today’s students for a sustainable tomorrow.

Schoolyard Habitat Project Guide

A planning guide for creating schoolyard habitat and outdoor classroom projects.

Resources and Opportunities

The network maintains crowd-sourced listings of ideas and resources as an ongoing, living collaboration among educators and environmental experts.

Outdoor Classroom Resources

Links to local and national environmental education and literacy resources including habitat guides, lessons, field trips, etc.

Possible Funding Opportunities

A listing of grant programs related to outdoor education found and shared by network members.


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