I Am a Business Owner

The Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy provides programs and assistance for business owners. Find information on grants, rebates and programs for businesses.

DNREC provides grants through the Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF) to help commercial and industrial customers replace aging, inefficient equipment and systems with energy efficient alternatives.


The Green Energy Program includes several different types of green energy funding programs from the state’s major electric utilities for renewable energy projects.


The Clean Vehicle Rebate Program provides incentives for Delawareans and Delaware businesses to buy or lease new alternative fuel vehicles, including electric, propane and natural gas vehicles.


The Cool Switch Low Impact Refrigerant program provides incentives to use refrigerants with lower Global Warming Potential impacts.


DNREC’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program offers incentives for charging systems that can be installed at your workplace, outside your businesses and in other public places.


The Heavy-Duty Vehicle Rebate Program provides funds to help offset the costs of purchasing heavy duty dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.


The Coastal Zone Act Program regulates new and existing manufacturing and heavy industrial activities in Delaware’s Coastal Zone.


The 2017 Coastal Zone Conversion Permit Act amended the Coastal Zone Act to allow the reuse of 14 grandfathered sites of heavy industry use within Delaware’s Coastal Zone.