Efficient and Renewable Energy

The Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy supports energy efficiency and conservation programs that help reduce energy use and its impact on the state’s environment and public health. The Division supports the use of renewable energy by homeowners and businesses through grant funding, incentives, and technical guidance.

Delaware partners with the state’s utilities to make renewable energy programs possible. State law requires that utilities derive a growing part of their energy supplies from renewable sources. Every investment in energy efficiency helps increase productivity and profits for business, reduces the production of harmful greenhouse gasses, lowers energy costs, and improves the value and comfort of our homes and businesses.

The Delaware Energy Efficiency Advisory Council

The Energy Efficiency Advisory Council develops and deploys energy efficiency programs and financing mechanisms offered by Delaware energy providers.

The Delaware Energy Efficiency Investment Fund

The Energy Efficiency Investment Fund helps commercial and industrial customers replace aging, inefficient energy equipment and systems.

Model Building Energy Codes

Delaware provides model energy conservation standards for local government building and plumbing rules and regulations.

Renewable Energy Assistance

The Green Energy Program provides rebates for residential and small scale renewable energy systems.

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards

Delaware utilities must get an increasing percentage of their electricity from renewable resources.

Cool Switch Low Impact Refrigerant Program

The Cool Switch program provides incentives to use refrigerants with lower Global Warming Potential impacts.

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