Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce

The Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce was established under the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act (26 Del.C. § 351 – § 364) to provide recommendations on establishing renewable energy trading mechanisms and other structures to support the growth of renewable energy in Delaware.

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Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy


The Taskforce works to help the state meet the Renewable Portfolio Standards set by the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act. It is charged with examining the current state of Delaware’s renewable energy market, developing recommendations for renewable energy credit trading mechanisms, and finding ways to support the growth of renewable energy resources in Delaware.

The Taskforce reports its findings and proposes regulations as appropriate.

Meetings of the Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce are posted on the DNREC calendar of events and on the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar.

Taskforce Membership

The Taskforce membership includes four appointments by the Secretary of Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, including one representative from the renewable energy research and development industry, one representative from the local renewable energy manufacturing industry, and one representative from an environmental advocacy organization. Additional membership includes one representative of the Public Service Commission, one representative from Delmarva Power, one representative from the Delaware Electric Cooperative, one representative from the municipal electric companies, one representative from the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, one representative from the Division of the Public Advocate and one representative from the Delaware Solar Energy Coalition.

Rob Underwood, Chair
DNREC Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy

Senator Harris McDowell
Sustainable Energy Utility

Andrew Slater
Public Advocate

Glenn Moore
Delmarva Power

Mark Nielsen
Delaware Electric Cooperative

Emily Greene
Delaware Municipal Electric Companies

Pam Knotts
Public Service Commission

Dale Davis
Delaware Solar Energy Coalition

Lyris Cullinan, DuPont
Renewable energy research and development industry

Dave Holleran, Motech
Local renewable energy manufacturing industry

Steve Hegedus
Environmental advocacy organizations

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