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Federal Consistency

Federal agencies are required to follow state coastal management policies when conducting projects or issuing permits that could affect coastal resources. Delaware Coastal Programs manages the Delaware’s Coastal Zone Management Federal Consistency reviews to ensure that state and federal actions in the Coastal Zone are consistent and coordinated.

Federal Consistency Submissions

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The Federal Consistency program was established by Congress in 1972 as part of the Coastal Zone Management Act. Every coastal or Great Lakes state with a Coastal Management Program implements Federal Consistency within its approved federal coastal zone boundary. Delaware’s federal coastal zone encompasses the entire state.

Federal Consistency requires that projects conducted directly by a Federal agency, projects authorized by a Federal permit and some projects implemented with Federal funds be consistent with Delaware’s Coastal Zone Management policies. Projects are reviewed by Coastal Program staff in close coordination with other agencies. If projects are consistent with state coastal policies, a Federal Consistency concurrence is issued.

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