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Green Eggs and Sand

Green Eggs & Sand is an innovative workshop experience and set of curriculum modules designed to explore the Atlantic Coast horseshoe crab (HSC)/shorebird phenomenon and management controversy.


Maggie Pletta
Education Coordinator, DNERR

Karen Byrne
New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection

Green Eggs & Sand was developed by teachers, resource managers, scientists, and stakeholders working together to meet the needs of students. It focuses on promoting an in-depth understanding of the issues, science, and management of the shorelines where horseshoe crabs, shorebirds and humans must live together.

The award-winning curriculum is composed of four modules for middle and high school level students and adults. Each module features an introductory video segment followed by a series of engaging exercises designed to expand understanding of the material.

Module 1 features lessons and activities on horseshoe crab biology/ecology.

Module 2 provides material on the relationship between horseshoe crabs and migratory shorebirds.

Module 3 outlines the human connection, including the use of horseshoe crabs for bait and human health benefits.

Module 4 presents the challenges and approaches to managing the horseshoe crab resource for multiple uses and stakeholders.

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Green Eggs and Sand

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