Creating a Flood Ready Community

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This course, presented with the University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration, reviews the multiple sources of flood risks to Delaware communities that can be addressed and mitigated through planning, codes, and ordinances.

Risks Ahead

This training covers floodplain requirements for municipalities. It presents tools for adapting to flood risk. and it provides sources of funding and technical assistance to help with local planning.

This training qualifies participants for certificate credit in the Academy for Excellence in Local Government Leadership, and the Delaware Planning Education Program.

Past Presentation Materials

Module 1: Risk and Hazard Concepts

Module 2: Climate Trends and Future Projections for Flood Hazards in Delaware

Module 3: Recommended Strategies for Reducing Vulnerability and Exposure

Module 4: Community Engagement and Resiliency Planning

Module 5: Resources and Examples to Help Your Community be Flood Ready

Additional Maps, Technical Assistance, Training and Funding Resources

Creating a Flood Ready Community Online Resource Guide