Planning Effective Projects

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This two-day interactive instructor-led course from the NOAA Office of Coastal Management teaches how to conduct a project assessment, use a logic model to plan a new project or reassess a current one, and prepare for a meaningful evaluation.

Planning Effective ProjectsParticipants learn applicable practices for use in coastal community related projects and more – including environmental conservation, restoration, and outreach. They learn project planning practices that help build on accountability and strategic thinking, reveal assumptions, and create a targeted effort with measurable results.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess their understanding of the needs driving the project team actions and plans
  • Apply a systems approach to logically connect project resources, actions and outcomes
  • Create functional logic models for immediate use in projects
  • Generate performance measures for project reporting and evaluation
  • Link project design to agency and organization missions, strategic plans, and established program niches
  • Prepare for a meaningful evaluation of a project

The course registration fee is $50 and is required at the time of registration to reserve attendance.

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Past participant testimonials on this course:

“Excellent training – definitely going to be helpful in future project planning.”

“The training was very well organized and it was presented well. The course content will be very helpful to me in the months to come. Thank you!”

“Great cause, will help me organize and develop an effective project. This course will offer benefits to me as a future biologist, thank you.”