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Resilient Communities

Communities throughout Delaware are threatened by inland flooding, coastal storms, sea level rise, and changing climate conditions. The Resilient Community Partnership helps communities prepare to respond to coastal hazards.

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Delaware Coastal Programs

The Resilient Community Partnership program provides technical assistance and potential funding to plan for and reduce the impacts of coastal hazards related to flooding from sea level rise, coastal storms and climate change through the development of planning strategies at the local level.

2020 Call For Letters of Interest

Delaware Coastal Programs is soliciting Letters of Interest from state, county, and municipal government entities in Delaware to enter into a Resilient Community Partnership for projects that support local resilience planning and adaptation activities.

Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

Assessments of vulnerability to flooding due to sea level rise, coastal storms, and nuisance flooding (sunny day flooding).

Kitts Hummock No-Wake SignAssessments of local land use ordinances, zoning codes and building codes for the purpose of identifying barriers and opportunities, and recommending improvements.

Adaptation plans that outline short and long-term actions that can be taken to reduce vulnerability and increase preparedness, including updating comprehensive land-use plans. Such plans can be drafted for a specific community, town, or region or for a specific type of resource or infrastructure.

Design of on-the-ground adaptation projects.

Improving communication of risk and adaptation options to affected populations from flooding due to sea level rise, coastal storms, and nuisance flooding.

Updated: Letters of Interest are due to by May 15, 2020. The selected partnerships will be announced on June 1, 2020 (Learn More).

Partnership Projects

2018 Resilient Community Partnership:
Reducing Flooding in Coastal Communities

DNREC’s Delaware Coastal Programs (DCP) office has partnered with a group of seven unique coastal municipalities on a comprehensive assessment of impervious surface coverage. The project will produce community-specific strategies for reducing existing and future impervious surface coverage and increasing stormwater infiltration.

2017 Resilient Community Partnership:
The City of New Castle

2016 Resilient Community Partnership:
The Town of Slaughter Beach

Resilient Communities in Delaware

The Partnership leverages federal funding provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to help Delaware communities improve their planning and preparation capabilities.

As part of the Partnership, Delaware Coastal Programs provides direct staffing, technical support, public outreach, and training to support a community’s efforts to be more resilient to coastal and climate hazards.

The Partnership helps communities work through the stages of assessing their vulnerabilities, prioritizing potential adaptation and planning options, and implementing their plans.

Explore the work of the partnership in communities throughout the state.

Learn more about planning, training, and technical resources from Delaware Coastal Programs.

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