Resilient Communities

Communities throughout Delaware are threatened by inland flooding, coastal storms, sea level rise, and changing climate conditions. The Resilient Community Partnership helps communities prepare to respond to coastal hazards.

Story Map: Resilient Communities

The Partnership leverages federal funding provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to help Delaware communities improve their planning and preparation capabilities.

As part of the Partnership, Delaware Coastal Programs provides direct staffing, technical support, public outreach, and training to support a community’s efforts to be more resilient to coastal and climate hazards.

The Partnership helps communities work through the stages of assessing their vulnerabilities, prioritizing potential adaptation and planning options, and implementing their plans.

Explore the work of the partnership in communities throughout the state.

Learn more about planning, training, and technical resources from Delaware Coastal Programs.

2016 Resilient Community Partnership:
The Town of Slaughter Beach

2017 Resilient Community Partnership:
The City of New Castle

Resilient Communities Map

Contact Information

For more information about the Resilient Community Partnership, contact Kelly Valencik, Delaware Coastal Programs, at 302.735.3417.