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Delaware Applied Coastal Research Symposium

Applied Coastal Research Symposium

The 2019 Delaware Applied Coastal Research Symposium, hosted by the Division of Climate, Coastal, and Energy’s Coastal Programs, will bring together local coastal and estuary scientists and resource managers to promote research, to network, and to encourage collaboration to advance research for coastal management priorities.

Using research to answer pressing coastal management questions

Coastal ResearchThis day-long symposium, on March 27, at Clayton Hall, in Newark, will feature presentations from local researchers on a diverse set of coastal topics, including student presentations. It will provide opportunities throughout the day to foster future research connections, including a poster session covering a wide range of coastal research topics.

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Register by March 20 to join in in this important dialog for connecting research to coastal resource management. Space is limited.

Why not submit an abstract to display a poster as well? Submissions require a poster title and a brief (50 words or less) description of your work.