Environmental Perspectives

The people of DNREC work in many ways to achieve a healthy environment where people can work, play, and enjoy Delaware’s outdoor resources. Research, management, stewardship, and education help reach those goals. Environmental Perspectives tells some of the stories of this work through the use of data and the knowledge and experience of our dedicated employees.

A Keystone Species

Horseshoe Crabs

The Atlantic horseshoe crab is a keystone species supporting multiple important ecosystems and industries.

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Cleaner Air Delaware

Blue sky, light clouds

DNREC has made significant progress in adopting effective methods to reduce emissions at the lowest costs.

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Working Together: WATAR

Water in Delaware

The Watershed Approach to Toxics Assessment and Restoration (WATAR) uses cutting edge science.

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Go Green, Save Green

Child charging an electric car

DNREC provides grants, services, and support for renewable energy, improved efficiency, and sustainability.

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Shifting Shores

Two Towers

Delaware’s beaches are important for recreation, storm protection, and wildlife habitat.

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Wetlands: Wildly Beneficial

A wetland area

Wetlands play a vital role in Delaware, but are being lost to development, storms and sea-level rise.

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A Learning Environment

A Learning Environment

DNREC field trips teach about the historical, cultural, and natural significance of the environment.

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Marine Debris: Adrift at Sea

Boat with floating marine debris

Marine debris from land and water sources can be harmful to humans, wildlife, and the physical environment.

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Getting to Know Wetlands

Bald Cypress

Wetlands can be identified in many different ways and each area is important for its own reasons.

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Community Connections

DNREC educates residents on natural resources while providing opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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Find More Open Data

Find more DNREC data on the Delaware Open Data Portal.

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