Beach Grass Planting

Date & Time:
Saturday, March 19, 2022
9:00 am

Delaware's Coastline

, Delaware

Help stabilize Delaware’s sand dunes by planting beach grass on the dunes of the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean beaches.

Dedicated volunteers have planted more than 5 million stems of Cape American beachgrass along ocean and bay beaches since 1990.

Sand dunes are more than beautiful. Sand dunes provide protection against damaging coastal storms by absorbing wave energy. Sand dunes offer protection by acting as major sand storage areas which replenish sand to eroded beaches during storm events. Without sand dunes, storm waves rush inland and flood properties.

Planting beach grass is a simple and effective way to help protect dunes and beaches.

Registration is required and will open in February.

For more information, contact Jennifer Pongratz, by email or at 302-739-9921.


Map & Directions: