Virtual Public Hearing: Congo Funeral Home Natural Minor Construction Permit

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
6:00 pm


, Delaware

The Division of Air Quality will conduct a public hearing (Docket #2020-P-A-0019) on a natural minor construction permit application for Congo Funeral Home to build a crematory unit at their facility at 100 N. Cleveland Avenue, Wilmington. This matter is closed and the application has been returned.

Connection Information

Join Online
Event Number: 129 968 8282
Password: CongoCrematory
Dial-in Number: 1-408-418-9388

Closed-captioning available by request if made at least 7 days before the event.

Should the permit be issued, the facility will be permitted to emit 0.35 lb/hr and 0.70 TPY of Particulate Matter (PM), 0.19 lb/hr and 0.40 TPY of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), 0.31 lb/hr and 0.60 TPY of Nitrogen Oxides (NOX), 0.26 lb/hr and 0.50 TPY Carbon Monoxide (CO), and 0.03 lb/hr and 0.05 TPY of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by Permit# APC-2020/0177-CONSTRUCTION.

Please note that live comments will not be accepted during the virtual hearing. Written comments may be submitted to the Hearing Officer via the online comment form at, via email to, or via USPS to the below address. The Department will accept public comment through Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

Docket #2020-P-A-0019

Public Hearing Officer

Lisa A. Vest
DNREC Office of the Secretary
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901


Public Hearing Transcript

DNREC Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Permit Application

Exhibit 2: Legal Notices of Application (News Journal and State News)

Exhibit 3: Request for Public Hearing Letter

Exhibit 4: Public Hearing Legal Notices (News Journal and State News)

Exhibit 5: Notification of Public Hearing to Requestor

Exhibit 6: Notification of Public Hearing to Concerned Citizens

Exhibit 7: Notification of Public Hearing to Applicant

Exhibit 8: DNREC Division of Air Quality Public Hearing Presentation

Applicant’s Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Congo Funeral Home Presentation

Public Comments

Southwest Civic Assoc., et al., Petitions in Opposition to Permit (7/28/20)

Barbara Howard-Jeffers (7/28/20)
Supplemental Comments (8/19/20)

Lynn Little (8/4/2020)

Marie Winchester (8/5/2020)

Karen Washington (8/5/2020)

Brianna Rahaim (8/5/2020)

Karen Stewart (8/5/2020)

Vicki Laws (8/5/2020)

Susana Casado (8/6/2020)

Brian Bailey (8/6/2020)

Sally Smith (8/7/2020)

Gail Skeen (8/8/2020)

Gregory Pappas (8/9/2020)

Nancy DeCrease (8/9/2020)

Kenneth T. Kristl, Esq. (8/10/2020)

Southwest Civic Association (8/17/20)

Lisa Spitelli (8/18/20)

Daniella Spitelli (8/18/20)

Jim Miller (8/18/20)

L. Anthony (8/18/20)

Theophilus R Nix, Jr., Esq. (8/19/20)
DNREC Response (8/20/20)

Loretta Walsh and Cristofer Johnson, Wilmington City Council (8/19/20)

Claudette B. Evans (8/19/20)

Etrula Wells (8/19/20)

Theodore E. Wells II (8/19/20)

Michele Roberts, Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemcial Policy Reform (8/19/20)

Tanya Washington, Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Wilmington (8/19/20)



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