Expanding Our Lean Strategy

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Expanding Our Lean Strategy
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The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is establishing an agency-wide lean management strategy. The Department is expanding and deepening its culture of continuous improvement. It is providing coaches and facilitators to help staff in every program make major improvements to permitting, licensing, and administrative processes.

DNREC staff have used lean management tools such as process reviews and value stream mapping for over a decade. The result has been measurable improvement in efficiency and performance in many programs.

Taking it Further

While these tools have been successful, DNREC leaders recognize a need to deepen their approach. They will build lean management into the culture and fabric of the agency. Lean Management tools alone will not lead to long-term, sustained performance improvement. That requires changes to the underlying management systems and core competencies of the agency.

DNREC will contract with qualified Lean Management professionals for coaching, consulting, and facilitation. They will help staff in every program work with applicants and stakeholders to find a better way to do their jobs.

A Focus on The DNREC Mission

DNREC staff are determined to improve business processes and information management.

Both must be continually sharpened to ensure timely, predictable and cost effective permitting.

A lean management strategy will support data-driven strategies.

It will help staff to respond effectively to environmental threats.

And it helps to make the wealth of environmental information DNREC collects more transparent and accessible to the public.


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