DuPont Nature Center

DNREC’s DuPont Nature Center is located in the beautiful Mispillion Harbor, where the Mispillion River and Cedar Creek meet and flow out into the Delaware Bay. It is a science-based educational and interpretive facility with interactive exhibits designed to connect people with the Delaware Bay’s natural history and ecology.

The Nature Center is Closed for the Season

The DuPont Nature Center is closed for the season and is scheduled to reopen on April 1, 2023.

During the annual seasonal closure, the DuPont Nature Center’s accessible observation deck remains open from dawn to dusk each day. The deck offers views of the Mispillion Harbor and surrounding saltmarsh and sandy beach habitat as well as a view of the Delaware Bay.

Though the nature center is recognized as one of the best vistas on the East Coast for observing the spring shorebird migration, the viewing deck also provides excellent opportunities in the fall and winter months to view shorebirds to include dunlin, sanderlings and black-bellied plovers.

A Unique Location

Located where Mispillion River and Cedar Creek meet at the Delaware Bay, the Nature Center rises from a unique, vibrant area that combines human activity in Mispillion Harbor, the diverse life of a tidal marsh, and the expanse of the Bay.

The surrounding estuary habitat includes more than 130 species of birds, fish, shellfish, and other animals.

The Nature Center hosts an Osprey Camera, focused on an osprey nesting platform, and a Harbor Camera to check out the horseshoe crabs and shorebirds along the shoreline.

Both cameras are supported by funding from the DuPont Clear into the Future grant program.

Educational Opportunities

During the season, the DuPont Nature Center offers field trips, tours and other educational opportunities for schools and families.

Field trip opportunities for schools and youth organizations are offered from April through August. The Nature Center’s “Life at the Edge” field trip program is geared toward children from pre-school ages through 5th grade. It focuses on horseshoe crabs, shorebirds and the Delaware Estuary with an option for a beach exploration component that takes place at nearby Slaughter Beach. Other programs/topics may be conducted upon request.

Structured tours of the Nature Center also are offered from April through August. Visitors will learn about horseshoe crabs, shorebirds and the Delaware Bayshore region as they are guided through the Nature Center’s exhibits.

Nature Center staff have created a set of self-guided programs for families or groups to print out and do on their own. They are great activities for a day at a Delaware Bay beach.

To schedule a field trip or tour contact Patrick Ruhl, at 302-422-1329.

Become a Volunteer

The DuPont Nature Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Volunteers help staff the center and interact with the public, maintain aquariums and live aquatic species, assist with educational programs and help with facility maintenance.

For more information or to volunteer, please call 302-422-1329.