Hunters with Disabilities

Delaware offers a variety of opportunities for hunters with disabilities.

State wildlife areas offer specialized blinds/stands and hunting locations for hunters with varying degrees of physical disability. Special permits (such as hunting from a vehicle permits) are also available in certain situations.

To obtain a Certified Hunter with Disabilities Card, complete the Hunters with Disabilities Application.

Mail applications to:
Division of Fish and Wildlife
89 Kings Hwy
Dover DE 19901
Attention: Craig Rhoads

Approved non-ambulatory hunters may be permitted to hunt specified game animals from their vehicle. To obtain a permit to hunt from your vehicle, complete the Hunting From a Vehicle Application.

Hunters with disabilities are grouped into two categories.

Category 1 hunters are those whose disabilities confine them to a wheelchair for movement. Hunters in this group will be given priority for use of facilities for hunters with disabilities on state wildlife areas.

Category 2 hunters are those with other disabilities that do not allow them to use traditional hunting facilities and equipment. These hunters may be eligible for state stands/blinds and other special permits.