Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Trails Program

The Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Trails Program (ORPT), formerly known as the Delaware Land and Water Conservation Trust Fund (DTF), is a matching grant program assisting with public park land acquisition and outdoor recreation facility development in Delaware.

Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Trails Program


Program Facts

Guidance for Park Projects

Guidance for Trails Projects

Completed and Approved ORPT Projects

The program was established in 1986 with annual deposits from real estate transfer tax to grow the Trust. Trust-generated income is used to fund the Program. Since 1988, when the first grants were awarded, the program has provided over $28 million in matching grant assistance to eligible local, county and state governments throughout Delaware.

City and county governments, and park districts, may apply for grant funding under the Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Trails Program.

Grants may be awarded for projects such as park land acquisition, planning and design of parks or trails, and outdoor recreation facility construction.

For more information, contact Michael Tholstrup, Outdoor Recreation Planner, at 302-739-9215.