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Title V: Major Air Sources

Title V is an air pollution control program, based on federal law, designed to standardize air quality permits and the permitting process for major sources of air emissions across the country.

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Angela Marconi Division of Air Quality 302.323.4542
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Smaller Sources of Air Pollution

Smaller sources of air pollution are known as “Area Sources.” Unlike large, very obvious, single sources of pollution, like industrial smokestacks, Area Sources are smaller activities by businesses or facilities that, when measured across a group of sites, can accumulate to large amounts of pollution impacting Delaware’s air quality.
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Air Quality Permit Applications

Delaware state law requires air quality permits for equipment which has the potential to discharge air contaminants into the atmosphere. State regulations (7 DE Admin. Code, 1102) establish permitting procedures and requirements.
The Division of Air Quality suggests that applicants take advantage of a pre-application review process to ensure that final applications
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Questions and Answers About Air Quality Permits

The Air Quality permitting process can be technical and complicated. Below are commonly-asked questions about Air Quality permitting, and the permitting process. If there are questions not answered here, please let us know. Email them to us at

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Point Source Emissions

The state of Delaware submits a comprehensive inventory of ozone precursor emissions to the EPA every three years. Ozone precursors are air pollutants that form ozone: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxides of nitrogen (NOX), and carbon monoxide (CO).

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Jacquelyn Cuneo
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Title V Fee Committee Meeting Archive

An archive of meeting materials of the Title V Fee Committee.
Meeting Agenda Meeting Notes Meeting Presentation Meeting Attendance List

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Construction Application Permit Fees

Following is a list of application fees for Regulation 1102 Construction Permit Applications to the Division of Air Quality. Permit applications should be mailed to the Division of Air Quality State Street Commons, Suite 6A 100 West Water Street Dover, Delaware 19904