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Reg. 1102 Permit Application: Richmond’s Automotive

Richmond’s Automotive, located at 854 Dawson Drive, Newark, has applied for a permit to operate an Auto Body Shop that conducts any or all of the following: collision repair, vehicle painting, paint stripping, or sanding.
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7 DE Admin. Code 1102 Natural Minor Permit Application: Delaware City Refining Company

The Delaware City Refining Company, has submitted an application to amend its permit to allow for temperature monitoring at the Marine Pier Vapor Combustion Units at their facility at 4550 Wrangle Hill Road, in Delaware City.
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Title V Significant Permit Modification Application: Delaware City Refining Company

Delaware City Refining Company has submitted a request for a significant permit modification for its operating permit for its facility at 4550 Wrangle Hill Road, in Delaware City.
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Public Hearing: Proposed Amendments to 7 DE Admin. Code 1125, Requirements for Preconstruction Review

The Division of Air Quality will conduct a public hearing on proposed amendments to 7 DE Admin. Code 1125, Requirements for Preconstruction Review (Docket # 2019-R-A-0018) at 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 25, 2019, in the DNREC Auditorium at 89 Kings Highway, Dover.
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Particulate Matter

Tiny airborne particles found in haze, smoke and airborne dust, and known as “particulate matter” and usually abbreviated as PM2.5, can occur year-round and can cause serious health problems. Delaware monitors for particulate matter at sites around the state, and works with local governments and other partners in the Delaware Particulate Matter Advance Program to reduce
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The Division of Air Quality Page Has Moved…

We’ve changed the URL for the Division of Air Quality. It is now   Sorry for any
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Division of Air Quality

The Division of Air Quality monitors and regulates all emissions to the air. It issues permits to construct and permits to operate air contaminant sources. It maintains emission inventories from business and industry. It develops the State’s implementation plan as required by the Clean Air Act. It adopts new regulations
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Topic: Climate Change

Climate change is happening now and it affects our everyday lives. We are seeing increased frequency and strength of coastal storms. Rainfall events are becoming more severe. Heat waves are affecting human health and our valuable agricultural sector. And, as a coastal state, we must pay attention to changes in sea levels.
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Topic: Clean Air

Humans, plants, and animals all need clean air to survive. A variety of human activities can add pollutants to the air and harm our health. DNREC has several programs to help ensure Delaware’s air meets State and Federal Air Quality Standards. These standards protect public health and the environment. DNREC staff track air quality
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