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CZCPA Work Groups

Four Work Groups have been formed to provide technical support to the Coastal Zone Conversion Permit Act (CZCPA) Regulatory Advisory Committee (RAC). This page contains information about each of the four Work Groups, including focus areas and meeting materials. Due to the complex nature of many topics addressed in the Coastal Zone Conversion Permit
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Community Information Submission Form

New regulations for Delaware’s Coastal Zone may affect you starting in October 2019. If you are a community, neighborhood, or civic group, provide DNREC with your information below so we can best reach you for input before these regulations go in place.    
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CZCPA Regulatory Advisory Committee

The Delaware Coastal Zone Conversion Permit Act (CZCPA) Regulatory Advisory Committee (RAC) will provide guidance and feedback to DNREC on the development of regulations under the Coastal Zone Conversion Permit Act. This page contains all meeting materials and notes from Committee meetings. The Committee is guided by the Procedures for RAC Operations, Adopted July
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Stakeholder Interviews

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) has invited a number of representatives of different Delaware groups to participate in an initial set of stakeholder interviews to help guide DNREC in developing the process it will use to develop regulations for Coastal Zone Conversion Permits.
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Delaware Coastal Zone Act Program

The Coastal Zone Act Program regulates existing heavy industrial activities, as well as new and existing manufacturing activities in Delaware’s Coastal Zone. Certain new activities, such as the bulk transfer of raw materials, are not allowed in the Coastal Zone, which runs the length of the state.

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Coastal Zone Conversion Permits

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) will develop regulations to implement a new permit process to allow industrial reuse of 14 existing sites of heavy industry use within Delaware’s Coastal Zone.

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History of the Coastal Zone Act

Then-Governor Russell Peterson signed the Delaware Coastal Zone Act (7 Del.C., Chapter 70) into law on June 28, 1971. The Governor and General Assembly of 1971 recognized that the coastal areas of Delaware are the most critical areas for the future of the State in terms of quality of life. The law is designed to protect Delaware’s
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