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Federal Consistency Certification: ESNG Polk Branch Creek Crossing

Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company proposes to relocate 680 linear feet of a buried natural gas pipeline adjacent to U.S. Route 13 in the Bridgeville area to allow for a DelDOT remediation project.

Federal Consistency Determination: USDA Farm Service Agency

The USDA Farm Service Agency proposes to subordinate a loan by an existing borrower to build a house/shop and install a driveway, parking area, well and septic system on approximately 9 acres of cleared cropland on Chapel Branch Road in Seaford.

DCMP Science Policy Internship

The Delaware Coastal Management Program is offering a virtual Science Policy summer internship position.

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Federal Consistency Certification: Middlesex Beach Nourishment

Middlesex Beach Association proposes to conduct periodic beach replenishment over 10 years by dredging sand from offshore and depositing it along a stretch of shoreline between Bethany Beach and the Town of South Bethany.

Federal Consistency Determination: Grain Storage Facility

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency proposes to provide loans for the construction of a new grain storage facility on a farm west of Seaford.

Federal Consistency Certification: Residences at River Place

Residences at River Place, LLC proposes to fill 1,982 square feet of non-tidal wetlands as part of a project to construct two apartment buildings with thirty six units each at The Residences at Riverplace Phase 3, Riverplace Drive, Seaford.

Federal Consistency Certification: MMW Investments, LLC

MMW Investments, LLC proposes to remove existing, deteriorated docking facilities and construct new docking facilities at 640 Pilottown Road, in Lewes.

Federal Consistency Determination: Copen / Kirby Docking Additions

The applicant proposes adding a personal watercraft lift to an existing structure and installing a floating kayak dock with two support pilings at 32 Eleanor Lee Lane East, Rehoboth Beach.

Federal Consistency Determinations Submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA) proposes to promulgate a new rule to implement an amendment to the Fishery Management Plan for the Dolphin and Wahoo Fishery of the Atlantic. It also proposes amendments to the Atlantic Pelagic Longline Take Reduction Plan.

Federal Consistency Determination: Proposed EPA Incidental Vessel Discharge Regulations

The EPA is proposing regulations to establish national standards of performance for marine pollution control devices for discharges incidental to the normal operation of primarily commercial vessels.

Federal Consistency Certifications: Diamond State Port Corporation

Diamond State Port Corporation proposes to conduct maintenance dredging at the Port of Wilmington Berths 1 through 7.

DSPC Public Hearing: DCMP Exhibits

A list of public hearing exhibits submitted for the record by the Delaware Coastal Management Program for the Sept. 29, 2020, Diamond State Port Corporation public hearing (Docket #2020-P-MULTI-0024). Exhibit 1: Federal Consistency Application, dated and received March 18, 2020 Exhibit 2: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Permit Application, Application

Federal Consistency Determinations: PSEG Offshore Wind Support Marine Terminal Facility

PSEG proposes to develop an offshore wind marshalling port at the Salem and Hope Creek Generating Station on Artificial Island, Salem County, NJ, to support offshore wind development in New Jersey and throughout the eastern United States.

Public Meeting Notice for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Evaluation of the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve

NOAA will hold a virtual public meeting on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, as part of the federal performance evaluation of the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Federal Consistency Determinations: Shelton Dredging Project

An applicant proposes the hydraulic dredging of approximately 200 cubic yards of accumulated sediment in a boat slip in the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal near the intersection of Pilottown Road and New Road in Lewes.

Federal Consistency Determinations submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program

Federal Consistency Determinations have been submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program for two assistance projects by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Delaware Coastal Programs Section 309 Draft Enhancement Assessment

The Delaware Coastal Management Program has submitted its draft 2021-2025 Section 309 Enhancement Area Assessment and Strategy to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office for Coastal Management.

Federal Consistency Determinations Submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program

The National Marine Fisheries Service is proposing to adjust the current regulations for North Atlantic swordfish and shark retention limits for certain permit holders in U.S. Atlantic and Caribbean waters, including modifying retention limits and adding regulatory criteria for in season adjustment of retention limits.

Delaware Coastal Management Program – Program Changes

The NOAA Office for Coastal Management has approved program changes that reflect a structural reorganization of the DCMP to move the program into the DNREC Division of Climate, Coastal, and Energy.

Federal Consistency Determinations Submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program

The USDA Farm Service Agency proposes to provide financial assistance for the construction of six poultry houses, a manure shed, composter and related infrastructure at Maple Branch Road Farm in Ellendale.

Notice of Proposed Program Change to the Delaware Coastal Management Program

The Delaware Coastal Management Program has submitted proposed changes to Delaware’s federally approved coastal management program to the NOAA Office for Coastal Management.

The Delaware Coastal Management Program

From the Delaware Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware’s coastal resources contribute to its economy, environment, and quality of life. The Delaware Coastal Management Program (DCMP) is a networked program that works to preserve, protect, develop, enhance, and resolve conflicts related to the state’s coastal resources.

Federal Consistency

Federal agencies are required to follow state coastal management policies when conducting projects or issuing permits that could affect coastal resources.
Laura Mensch Regulatory Programs Manager Delaware Coastal Programs 302-739-9283

Delaware Coastal Programs

The Coastal Programs Section of the Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy serves as the Department’s research, education, and policy lead for coastal and ocean issues. It helps manage Delaware’s federal coastal zone and balance the use and protection of its resources through the integrated efforts of the Delaware Coastal Management Program and Delaware National Estuarine Research