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Get Involved

You can take simple steps every day to help keep our air cleaner and more safe. The Division of Air Quality offers information, educational materials and more to help you take control.

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DuPont Nature Center Events

The DuPont Nature Center offers educational programs and events from April through September. They include field excursions, lectures and hands-on activities. The DuPont Nature Center is located at the end of Lighthouse Road, at the mouth of the Mispillion River, on the Delaware Bay. For more information, call 302.422.1329. [eme_calendar full=true
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Education & Outreach

The Division of Fish & Wildlife offers a variety of educational and outreach programs.

Education Facilities

DuPont Nature Center at the Mispillion Harbor Reserve DuPont Nature Center Events Aquatic Resource Education Center and Mallard Lodge Facility
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Delaware Applied Coastal Research Symposium

The 2019 Delaware Applied Coastal Research Symposium, hosted by the Division of Climate, Coastal, and Energy’s Coastal Programs, will bring together local coastal and estuary scientists and resource managers to promote research, to network, and to encourage collaboration to advance research for coastal management priorities. Using research to answer pressing coastal management
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Volunteer with DNREC

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups. There are many ways to make a difference, from large group events such as the annual beach grass planting to individual actions such as teaching a child to fish.
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Education & Outreach

A main focus of Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know is to make information available to the public and promote participation in emergency planning. A variety of information is available.
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Junior Solar Sprint

The annual Junior Solar Sprint is a statewide challenge of ingenuity, engineering, and speed for students in fifth- through eighth-grade. It is part of a national competition where students build and race solar-powered model cars.
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DNREC at the Delaware State Fair

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is right in the middle of the Delaware State Fair, offering an array of environmental displays in its climate-controlled building on on East Rider Road. DNREC – Your ECOnnection
DNREC displays link visitors to environmentally-friendly programs
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Planning for Meaningful Evaluation

Improve your ability to plan for a project or program evaluation that is efficient and effective and can yield meaningful results. With this course, coastal professionals will increase their understanding of the evaluation process and gain knowledge that will help them communicate with evaluators and overcome common barriers to meaningful evaluation. Participants
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Adaptation Planning for Communities

Coastal communities increasingly realize the need for adaptation strategies, but many are unsure where to begin. Attend this free course, Presented in partnership with Delaware Sea Grant, to gain a thorough grounding and practical skills for incorporating adaptation strategies into planning processes.
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