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Data and Information

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control uses data tools, mapping resources and information technology to study the health and resilience of Delaware’s natural resources, manage programs and provide information to the public. These tools include detailed datasets, digital mapping tools (known as geospatial data tools) and a

Public Participation

Public engagement and participation is key to DNREC’s mission. Learn about public meetings and notices, secretary’s orders and other outreach initiatives in place across DNREC’s divisions to encourage public participation, as well as information on signing up for calendar alerts or other notifications. The Environmental Permitting Process

Community Resources

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) has a range of community resources for Delawareans, including boards and commissions, committees and ombudsmen. Programs are also in place to assist residents with home weatherization, transitioning to clean energy and access to Delaware’s state parks. Ombudsmen

Share Your Thoughts

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is committed to working with community members throughout the state to develop pathways for meaningful dialogue. DNREC welcomes your comments and suggestions about environmental justice at DNREC. Please include your phone number, your email, or both, so that we can reach

Environmental Justice at DNREC

Environmental justice seeks equity for minority and low-income communities that may be disproportionately exposed – and vulnerable – to adverse environmental impacts. Simply put, practicing environmental justice ensures that everyone has an equal seat at the table where decisions are made.
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Communities in Need

The state has developed a list of communities in need as part of the Delaware Clean Water Initiative for Underserved Communities. These are communities that have lacked technical or financial capacity to address demonstrated public health and clean water challenges.

Delaware Clean Water Initiative

The Delaware Clean Water Initiative for Underserved Communities, or CWI, will help provide clean public drinking water and upgraded wastewater treatment for the state’s low-income, underserved communities. The Initiative is supported by a $50 million investment, the Clean Water Trust, created by the Clean Water for Delaware Act.

Environmental Justice

The new and expanded DNREC Environmental Justice web pages are found at