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Report a Tagged Largemouth Bass

The Division of Fish and Wildlife monitors largemouth bass in Delaware rivers to help maintain a sustainable bass population and provide recreational fishing opportunities. Reports from anglers about the tagged bass they catch are an important part of the effort.
Bass are tagged when the Division conducts
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Division of Fish & Wildlife

The Division of Fish & Wildlife conserves and manages Delaware’s fish and wildlife resources. The Division provides safe and enjoyable fishing, hunting, and boating opportunities. The division controls mosquito populations and manages and enhances wildlife habitat. It works with private land-owners and manages state-owned lands. And the division helps the public understand fish
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Topic: Wildlife and Fish

DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife manages nearly 50,000 acres of land that provides habitat for a multitude of wild plants, animals, fish, insects and rare species of all kinds. And it spearheads several important wildlife and habitat conservation and education initiatives, including the Wildlife Species Conservation and Research Program and the Delaware Shorebird Project.
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