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Moveable Monitoring Platform

DNREC has developed a Moveable Monitoring Platform (MMP) to increase its air monitoring capabilities and assist with special projects.┬áThe movable monitor improves DNREC’s response to air quality concerns in areas where no permanent air monitoring station can be placed. The Moveable Monitoring Platform is designed with state-of-the-art instrumentation to monitor
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Special Projects

The Division of Air Quality conducts special studies to examine air quality issues and concerns tied specific locations around the state. These studies draw on the Division’s network of monitoring stations and the Movable Monitoring Platform.

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Charles Sarnoski Division
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Ozone is a colorless, naturally occurring gas found in two layers of the atmosphere. In the upper layers of the atmosphere, ozone protects life on Earth by absorbing some of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In the layer closest to the ground, however, ozone is an air pollutant that is a key ingredient of smog and
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Air Quality Monitoring

The Division of Air Quality operates a series of monitoring stations throughout the State and deploys a Movable Monitoring Platform for deployment in selected areas. This monitoring network measures pollutants for which national air quality standards have been defined to protect public health. These are known as “Criteria Air Pollutants.” [column md=”4″ xclass=”col-xs-12 col-md-4
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Construction of Monitor and Observation Wells

Monitor and observation wells constructed in Delaware shall conform to the requirements of the State of Delaware Regulations Governing the Construction and Use of Wells (1997). This document reiterates some of the requirements found in the regulations. It also establishes additional criteria for the design and construction of monitor and observation wells intended to assist
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