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Planning, Preservation and Development

The Planning, Preservation and Development Section administers land acquisition and protection programs, including the Open Space Program, the Office of Nature Preserves and the Cultural Resource Unit.

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Matthew Ritter Section Administrator 302-739-9235

Delaware Open Space Program

Parks, open space, natural areas, forests, wildlife habitat, greenways, and waterways are all part of Delaware’s environmental legacy – a legacy which is part of everyone’s quality of life. Delaware’s open spaces provide not only a haven for wildlife and native plants, but also a retreat and escape from the work-a-day world and an opportunity

About Conservation Easements

A conservation easement is a voluntary agreement that allows a landowner to limit the type or amount of development on their property while retaining private ownership of the land.
The easement is signed by the landowner and the state agency receiving the easement. The state agency accepts

Conservation Options for Landowners

We all have that something special that connects us with our natural lands. For some, it is a favorite trail in a forest. For others, it is the beauty and wonder of a heron nesting in our wetlands. For many, it is the beauty of Delaware’s natural lands that reminds us of home. First

Protected Lands Maps

The Delaware Open Space Program has helped protect tracts of land throughout the state. Below are links to PDF maps of these lands, organized by county and general area.
Explore data about properties protected and/or acquired under the Delaware Open Space Program.

Delaware Open Space Council

The Delaware Open Space Council was created in 1990, with the passage of the Delaware Land Protection Act (7 Del. C. Chapter 75), to advise the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control on all matters relating to the administration, implementation, and financing of the Open Space Program. [column md=”5″ xclass=”col-xs-12