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Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Spawning Survey

Citizen scientists and state researchers have surveyed the horseshoe crabs spawning along Delaware Bay beaches since 1990. The data they have collected has been key for scientists in monitoring changes in numbers of spawning crabs in the Bay.

Contact 302-739-6377

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Fish Monitoring via Electrofisher

The Division of Fish & Wilfdlife uses electrofishing to safely sample fish populations in a variety of water bodies. Electrofishing is one of the most efficient sampling methods available to fisheries biologists. It uses an electric current to temporarily stun fish. This lets biologists sample and survey fish populations with minimal disturbance and risk to
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Visiting Scientists

The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve hosts visiting scientists who conduct research of local and national significance that focuses on enhancing coastal management.


Kari St. Laurent, Ph.D. Research Coordinator 302.735.3413
2018 Healthy Coastal Ecosystems Fellowships
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Marine Debris

Marine debris is a growing concern around the world. From litter on our beaches to microplastics in the ocean, man-made products are being introduced into the coastal environment. We don’t really know what the long-term impacts will be.


Kari St. Laurent, Ph.D.
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Coastal Monitoring

Delaware Coastal Programs monitors various environmental factors to help understand the coastal environment. The data collected provide insights into complex estuarine ecosystems. They help state and local leaders understand the vulnerability and resilience of our coast. They help us understand the effects of a changing climate. In 2017, the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve
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Coastal Science and Monitoring

An extensive and dynamic coastal science and monitoring program provides scientific data to inform management strategies for the conservation of critical coastal resources. The current focus areas include looking at issues related to climate change and sea level rise, water quality, animal and plant life, the interface between humans and the coastal ecosystem, and more.

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Report a Tagged Largemouth Bass

The Division of Fish and Wildlife monitors largemouth bass in Delaware rivers to help maintain a sustainable bass population and provide recreational fishing opportunities. Reports from anglers about the tagged bass they catch are an important part of the effort.
Bass are tagged when the Division conducts
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Delaware Coastal Programs

The Coastal Programs Section serves as the Department’s research, education, and policy lead for coastal and ocean issues. It helps manage Delaware’s federal coastal zone and balance the use and protection of its resources through the integrated efforts of the Delaware Coastal Management Program and Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve.

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Understanding Climate Change

In Delaware, scientists, state agencies and local partners are working together to understand how climate change is affecting our state. What do we know about climate change and Delaware? Climate change is already affecting Delaware. Over the coming years, we can anticipate even worse effects–more days of dangerously high heat, heavier
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