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Drainage Concern Reporting Form

You can get advice or technical assistance with drainage issues on your property. The first step is reporting the issue, using the form below. What is your name? How can we contact you?  

Tax Ditch Program

DNREC provides administrative and technical assistance and support to tax ditch organizations and landowners across the State.

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Drainage Program 302-855-1930
Tax Ditch Law

Tax Ditch Questions and Answers

The DNREC Tax Ditch Program has collected questions often asked by landowners about tax ditches. If you have additional questions, please contact the Tax Ditch Program at 302-855-1930 or by email.
Tax ditch channels range in size from six to 80

Drainage and Stormwater Assistance

Each year thousands of Delawareans express concerns about drainage and stormwater. In many cases, residents don’t know who to contact if they have a problem. Several state and local agencies, including DNREC, DelDOT, conservation districts and municipal public works programs can help resolve drainage and flooding related problems.

Drainage Programs

The Drainage Programs work with landowners, tax ditch organizations and federal, state and local agencies to improve drainage, stormwater management and water quality in Delaware.

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Drainage Program 302-855-1930 Report Drainage Concerns 302-855-1955

Wetland And Channel Restoration

The Drainage Program is responsible for over 45 wetland and stream restoration projects, resulting in approximately 180 acres of total restoration and habitat creation. Restoration activities are put into practice in a variety of locations, including local schools (creating an outdoor classroom), backyards of private landowners (Smith and Battista), marginal agricultural fields, and along

Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook Details

The Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook provides background information on erosion and sedimentation, information on Delaware’s regulatory program and standards and specifications for erosion and sediment control.
3.1.1     Straw Bale Barrier

Sediment and Stormwater Newsletter

The Sediment and Stormwater Program offers an email-based newsletter that shares information on permitting, best practices, training opportunities, and more. Send a blank email to to sign up for the newsletter. Past Issues
2021 June 2021

Sediment and Stormwater Applications

The Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Regulations require an approved Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan from the department or a delegated agency for regulated land-disturbing activities.

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Bonnie Arvay Sediment and Stormwater Program 302-739-9921

Plan Review, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Resources

The following are resources from the Sediment and Stormwater Program for sediment and stormwater plan reviews, engineering design, construction activities and maintenance of best management practices.
Compliance Flow Charts Resource Protection Event (RPv) Compliance Flow Chart

Stormwater Watershed Reports

This page contains links to reports on the characteristics of specific Delaware watersheds for use in preparation of sediment and stormwater plans. Appoquinimink Scope of Work Hydrology Report – January 2009 Appendix A – TSDN Documents Appendix B

Training and Certification

The Sediment and Stormwater Program provides several different training opportunities to help those involved in land development and construction projects meet the requirements of the Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Regulations. Note: During the pandemic, training is offered via video conference platforms.

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Sediment and Stormwater

Delaware’s Sediment and Stormwater Management Program operates within the Division of Watershed Stewardship’s Conservation Programs Section. The program employs a comprehensive approach to sediment control (both during and after construction) and stormwater management that includes monitoring of stormwater quantity and water quality control.
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Sediment and Stormwater Delegated Agencies

The following agencies have delegation of Sediment and Stormwater Program elements, consisting of plan review, construction inspection, and maintenance inspection for their geographic boundaries. State Agencies Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control (DNREC) Division of Watershed Stewardship Sediment and Stormwater Program 285 Beiser Boulevard, Suite 102 Dover DE

NPDES Permits: Croda Inc and FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Inc

Croda Inc and FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Inc have filed an application for reissuance of their jointly held NPDES Permit to discharge storm water and treated groundwater to Magazine Ditch from their facilities on Cherry Lane in New Castle.

NPDES Permits: IKO Production Inc.

IKO Production Inc. has applied for reissuance of its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit to discharge storm water to the Delaware River. This facility is located at 120 Hay Road, Edge Moor, Wilmington.

National Pollutant Discharge System Permit: Occidental Chemical Corporation

Occidental Chemical Corporation has applied for reissuance of its permit to discharge treated groundwater and stormwater to the Delaware River and stormwater to the Red Lion Creek from their facility at 1657 River Road in New Castle County.

Watershed Stewardship Contacts

Terry L. Deputy, Director 285 Beiser Blvd., Suite 102 Dover, DE 19904 302-739-9921
Watershed Assessment and Management 302-739-9939 Shoreline and Waterway Management 302-739-9921 Conservation Programs 302-739-9921

NPDES Permit Application: Drawbridge Claymont, LLC and Honeywell International, Inc.

Drawbridge Claymont, LLC and Honeywell International, Inc. have filed an application for reissuance of their jointly held NPDES Permit to discharge storm water runoff and groundwater infiltration to Zone 5 of the Delaware River from their facilities located on Philadelphia Pike in Claymont.

NPDES Permit Application: Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.

Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc. has applied for reissuance of its National Pollutant Discharge System Permit to discharge storm water associated with industrial activity to Lednum Branch, a tributary of Haven Lake, from their facility at 1162 Holly Hill Road, in Milford.

NPDES Permit Application: Bilcare Research, Inc.

Bilcare Research, Inc. has applied for reissuance of its National Pollutant Discharge System (NPDES) Permit to discharge storm water to the Delaware River and to unnamed tributary to Dragon Run Creek from their facility located at 1389 School House Road in New Castle County.

Stormwater Infrastructure Loans

The Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund provides loans for stormwater infrastructure projects as part of a 20% set-aside designed to provide funds for  green infrastructure, water or energy efficiency improvements, or other environmentally innovative activities.

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Greg Pope, P.E

Topic: Drainage and Stormwater

Delaware is a coastal state. Most of the land in Delaware is flat and close to sea-level. Our underlying water table is generally high. As a result, drainage and the management of stormwater are important considerations in land use planning, construction, and agriculture.

Topic: Wetlands

A wetland is simply an area of land that is wet during the growing season. All true wetlands have three characteristics: typical wetland plants, wetland soils, and evidence that water is or can be at or near the surface. Our wetlands provide valuable service to Delaware. Wetlands purify our water. They provide habitat for rare and commercially important plants, fish and animals. And they protect us from flooding.