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Wastewater Facilities Construction Permit Application: Northpoint Development, LLC

Northpoint Development, LLC of Riverside, MO, has submitted an application to install a grinder pump station, approximately 1,661 linear feet of forcemain and related appurtenances, to serve the proposed Delaware Logistics Center at the northeastern corner of Wrangle Hill Rd. and south DuPont Hwy in New Castle County.
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On-Site Wastewater Treatment And Disposal System

Summit Land, LLC has submitted an application for a Temporary Holding Tank Permit to serve the Whispering Woods Subdivision, located near the intersection of Boyds Corner and Ratledge Road, in New Castle County.
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Wastewater Facilities Construction Permit Application: Whispering Woods, LLC

Whispering Woods, LLC proposes to construct approximately 5,925 linear feet of 6-inch diameter sanitary sewer force main from the intersection of Whispering Woods Drive and Boyd’s Corner Road to a proposed sanitary sewer manhole near the intersection of Boyd’s Corner Road and Jamison Corner Road north of Middletown.
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Agricultural Utilization Permit – Request for Amendment – Clean Delaware, LLC

Clean Delaware has requested several amendments to their existing agricultural utilization permit that allows land treatment of stabilized biosolids other approved land treatable wastes onto three non-contiguous farms near Milton, Harbeson, and Ellendale.
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Public Hearing: Allen Harim On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal System Permit Application and Artesian Wastewater Management Spray Irrigation Permit Application

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Division of Water, will hold a public hearing on August 21, 2019, on permit applications which have been received from Allen Harim Foods, LLC, and Artesian Wastewater Management, Inc.
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Wastewater Facilities Construction Permit Public Hearing: Artesian Wastewater Management, Inc.

The DNREC Division of Water will conduct a public hearing on an application by Artesian Wastewater Management, Inc., for a Wastewater Facilities Construction Permit to construct 5,589 linear feet of forcemain from the Sussex Regional Recharge Facility to two spray fields.
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Innovative and Alternative Systems

In some cases, where site constraints limit the ability to install conventional wastewater treatment systems, the Department may approve innovative or alternative systems. These are alternative technologies that have been proven to provide at least an equivalent level of treatment as the conventional systems used in Delaware. These systems provide advanced treatment for the reduction
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Approved Products

A list of septic system products reviewed and approved by the Groundwater Discharges Section for use in Delaware. The Section also maintains a list of approved innovative and alternative systems that might be used where site constraints limit the ability to install conventional wastewater treatment systems. Approved Products – General [table-wrap
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Septic Systems

An on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system – known commonly as a septic system – is a wastewater treatment facility located within your property boundaries that collects, treats and disposes of wastewater from your home or business. This is different from a central or municipal wastewater treatment facility which receives wastewater from other locations for
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Board of Certification for Wastewater Operators

The Board of Certification For Operators of Wastewater Treatment Facilities was created to advise and assist the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control in the administration of the Delaware Licensed Wastewater Operator certification program.

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Wastewater Operator Certification

All wastewater treatment facilities in Delaware must be operated under the direct supervision of a Delaware Licensed Wastewater Operator. The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control administers the certification program with advice and assistance from the Board of Certification For Operators of Wastewater Facilities.

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Land Treatment of Waste

Certain by-products of wastewater treatment, known as biosolids, and non-hazardous residuals from solid waste treatment, can be used, under certain circumstances, in limited agricultural applications or as landfill. These uses are governed by the Guidance and Regulations Governing the Land Treatment of Wastes (7 DE Admin. Code 7103).
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Construction of Wastewater Facilities

The Surface Water Discharges Section issues permits to construct facilities that will store, collect, convey or treat sewerage and other wastewaters. Permits are issued to safeguard the environment and ensure that the facilities are designed to manage the wastes properly.

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Surface Water Discharges Section

The Surface Water Discharges Section issues permits for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems, including stormwater treatment, which discharge into Delaware’s surface waters. It also regulates the management of wastewater sludge. The Section licenses wastewater treatment operators and provides technical assistance and training to help wastewater treatment facilities avoid problems.

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Water Infrastructure Advisory Council

The Water Infrastructure Advisory Council (WIAC) initiates, develops and recommends to the Delaware General Assembly projects for the planning, construction, repair, renovation or expansion of drinking water and wastewater facilities.
The council, which is established in State Law at 29 Del. C. § 8011, provides guidance and policy advice
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Publicly Owned Wastewater Treatment Projects

The state provides loans for the construction, repair and upgrading of municipal wastewater facilities. Loans come from the Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (also known as the Clean Water State Revolving Fund).
Loans are available for projects such as new wastewater treatment plants, upgrades or expansions; Combined Sewer
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