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Waterfowl Surveys

Since 1974, the Division of Fish and Wildlife has conducted annual waterfowl surveys to measure long-term trends in duck and goose populations. The survey results help increase biologists’ knowledge about the state’s waterfowl populations and habitat and help the state make informed decisions about habitat management and hunting.

Hunting in Delaware

The Division of Fish and Wildlife manages 19 public wildlife areas; over 62,000 acres of land. In addition to providing habitat for a variety of wildlife, these lands provide hunting and other outdoor recreational opportunities.  Much of this land, and many acres of private land, provide hunting during a number of seasons.  More information is found in

Winning Waterfowl Stamp Contest Entries

The winning entries for the 2021/22 edition of the Delaware State Waterfowl Stamp Contest were chosen by a panel of five judges who independently inspected the artwork by appointment on Oct. 6, 2020 in the DNREC Auditorium.  A painting of a Mallard duck by Richard Clifton, of Milford, will grace the 2021/22

Delaware Waterfowl Stamp Contest Rules

The Delaware Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest will take place in the summer or fall of 2021. Judging dates will be set based on the progress of Delaware’s COVID-19 response and the need to protect public health. When dates are set, DNREC will notify artists and post the dates here.

Delaware’s Waterfowl Stamp Program

The Delaware Waterfowl Stamp Program helps raise funds for waterfowl conservation. Hunters and stamp collectors buy stamps and prints. The money raised is used to restore and improve wetland habitat vital for migratory waterfowl. The Division of Fish and Wildlife began the program in 1980, in partnership with Delaware Ducks Unlimited. The program has generated