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Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Applications

A listing of applications to the DNREC Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section for permits, leases, marina permits, operation and maintenance permits, and water quality certifications.
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Virtual Public Hearing: Andrew and Maureen Bolduc Dock and Dredging Permit

The DNREC Division of Water will conduct a public hearing on an application from Andrew and Maureen Bolduc for a permit to build a dock and to maintenance dredge an unnamed lagoon adjacent to White Creek, near Ocean View.
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Virtual Public Hearing: 204 Salisbury Exchange Subaqueous Lands Lease Application

The DNREC Division of Water will conduct a public hearing on a subaqueous lands lease application from 204 Salisbury Exchange.
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Division of Water, Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section Public Hearing: Sunrise Ventures, LLC

The DNREC Division of Water will conduct a public hearing on Sunrise Ventures, LLC’s application to construct a new 20 slip marina located south of the intersection of Kaitlyn Drive and Oyster House Road, Rehoboth Beach, Sussex County, DE.
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Division of Water Contacts

Virgil R. Holmes, Director Richardson & Robbins Building 89 Kings Highway Dover, DE 19901 302.739.9949
Environmental Laboratory Sergio Huerta, M.D. Laboratory Administrator 302.739.9942

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State Regulated Wetlands Map Index

To determine if you have state-regulated tidal wetlands on your property, browse or search the index map to find and download maps of state-regulated wetlands. [giciframe
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Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Permits

Authorization from the Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section is required for activities in tidal wetlands or in tidal and non-tidal waters in the State of Delaware. The Section issues various types of authorizations depending upon the location and type of activity proposed. Learn more about what is regulated. Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands
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Are There Wetlands on My Property?

The State of Delaware and the federal government both have laws and regulations that govern wetlands, but they use different methods for determining the location and extent of the wetlands they regulate. You can download maps of state-regulated wetlands, or DNREC staff may be able to help you determine if there are state-regulated wetlands on
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What’s Regulated?

The state regulates activities in tidal wetlands and in tidal and non-tidal waters in the State of Delaware. The Wetlands Delaware regulates all of its tidal wetlands as well as those non-tidal wetlands that include 400 or more contiguous acres under the Delaware Wetlands Act (7 Del. Code, Chapter 66) and
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Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands

The Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section provides permitting services for activities in Delaware’s wetlands, bays, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and other waterways that might require a permit under state law. These activities include marina construction and operation, and construction of docks and piers, shoreline stabilization projects, dredging, filling, bridge or culvert construction, utility crossings of
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Division of Water

The Division of Water manages and protects Delaware’s water resources. It provides technical assistance, laboratory services, and regulatory guidance and implementation. And the Division performs applied research and provides educational services.

Water Supply

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Division of Watershed Stewardship

The Division of Watershed Stewardship manages and protects the state’s soil, water and coastlines. It uses a comprehensive array of watershed-based programs to ensure proper stewardship of Delaware’s natural resources. The division protects and maintains the state’s shoreline and navigable waterways. It regulates changes to coastal and urban lands. It develops and implements innovative
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Topic: Wetlands

A wetland is simply an area of land that is wet during the growing season. All true wetlands have three characteristics: typical wetland plants, wetland soils, and evidence that water is or can be at or near the surface. Our wetlands provide valuable service to Delaware. Wetlands purify our water. They provide habitat for rare and commercially important plants, fish and animals. And they protect us from flooding.
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