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Hazardous Waste Reporting

Facilities that generate or handle large amounts of hazardous waste must submit regular reports to state and federal agencies. They must report which hazardous wastes are generated, how much, and how they handle that waste.


Ben Clark, Annual Reports

Caleb Melvin, Notifications

302.739.9403 (Option 8)

This applies to facilities that generate 1,000 kilograms or more of hazardous waste, or one kilogram or more of wastes listed as highly toxic (known as “acute hazardous waste”), during any month in a calendar year. Delaware’s Regulations Governing Hazardous Waste (7 DE Admin Code 1302) require annual reports to the state. The federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires reports to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) every two years.

EPA Report Changes

EPA has made significant changes to the Biennial Hazardous Waste Report forms for the 2017 reporting year. Along with updating their database, EPA also added a module for the Biennial Report with the capability to accommodate annual reporting required by states. DNREC has decided to opt-in to EPA’s new module in lieu of continually updating the online reporting forms on the DNREC website.

Report Using the EPA’s Biennial Reporting Module

Report forms generated by the DNREC Online Reporting Application and the BRS (Florida program) will no longer be accepted as they are no longer being updated.

Reports may be submitted electronically using EPA’s Biennial Reporting Module. Click Register and then Industry User. Enter either your credentials for EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) or those already created for your RCRAInfo Industry Application.

Once logged in to RCRAInfo, a complete user’s guide is available within the application by clicking Documentation from the main navigation bar and selecting Help. On the Help page, click on User’s Guide, then Site Dashboard, and finally Biennial Report.

A RCRAInfo Industry User Registration e-learning course is available to assist with the registration process. Users will need to establish a free account within LearningZen to access this course and other courses associated with the RCRAInfo Industry Application.

Other Options

Paper submissions will be accepted if they are generated with software that has incorporated the latest EPA forms. Users may also use the updated EPA forms directly found online as RCRA Subtitle C Reporting Instructions and Forms.