Salvage Yards and Oil Filter Recycling

Salvage yards are an important part of the economy. They provide a valuable service, helping recycle what can be recycled and dispose of what cannot.

The Salvage Yard Manual

Numerous activities take place at salvage yards every day from reusing parts, to storage, recycling of material, metal fabricating, equipment maintenance and much more. Salvage operations also produce or generate waste that requires disposal.

The Salvage Yard Manual provides guidance for handling or recycling waste fluids, scrap metal, machinery, equipment, and vehicles.

Chapter 1
Introduction and Operation Guidelines

Chapter 2
Waste Handling, Storage and Disposal Practices

Chapter 3
Spills and Storm Water

2006 Updates and Revisions

Oil Filter Recycling

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Compliance and Permitting Section

Disclaimer: The information below is intended to serve as a guide to responsible waste management and does not supersede Delaware’s Regulations Governing Hazardous Waste (7 DE Admin. Code 1302). Regulations specific to used oil can be found in Part 279 of the regulations.

Fact Sheet: Used Oil

Many businesses such as auto repair shops, salvage yards, and related businesses find themselves with used oil and oil filters. These can and should be recycled.

Used oil contains contaminants such as arsenic, cadmium, benzene, lead, magnesium, zinc, and chlorinated compounds, which may be harmful to the environment. Used oil also provides a very good source of energy. Discarding used oil into the environment not only causes environmental pollution, but wastes energy as well. Used oil filters are made of steel, North America’s most recycled material and can be easily recycled into new steel products.

There are several companies that can provide disposal of used oil and used oil filters from businesses in Delaware. For a list of permitted Delaware used oil transporters, please contact the CAPS at 302-739-9403.

Homeowners can take used oil and used oil filters to a nearby DSWA Drop-off Center that accepts them.