Recycle Right

Not only is recycling important, but it’s also easy to do. More and more people in Delaware are recycling every day. But not everyone is recycling the right way. If it’s not done correctly, all those items—and your time—will go to waste. And remember, recycling right means buying products that are made from recyclable material. Always look for post-consumer recycled content.

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Know the Rules, Recycle Right

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Place items loosely in the bin, not in a garbage bag.

Recycle plastic grocery bags at the store.

Rinse all containers of liquid or food residue.

Don’t crush aluminum cans or plastic bottles.

Put the lid back on plastic bottles.

Download the Recycling in Delaware poster for future reference.

Learn more in our guide to recycling

How to Recycle Guide

Many everyday items are recyclable, and those that aren’t should be tossed in the trash. But some special materials, such as electronic goods and certain household items, could pose a threat and may require specific handling procedures.

Use this guide for tips and resources on how to recycle in Delaware.

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