Remediation Laws, Regulations and Guidance

Information regarding the laws, regulations, guidance, policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other documents related to the programs administered by DNREC Remediation Section.

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Delaware Hazardous Substance Cleanup Act (HSCA), 7 Del. Code Chapter 91


Regulations Governing Hazardous Substance Cleanup (updated March 11, 2019)


HSCA Human Health Risk Assessment Guidance (July 2020)

Guidance for Notification Requirements

Sortable HSCA Reporting Level Table (Excel)

HSCA Screening Level Table

Sortable HSCA Screening Level Table (Excel)

Conditional “No Further Action” Guidance

Standard Operating Procedures for Chemical Analytical Program Under HSCA

Brownfields Grant Eligible Expenses Guide and Reimbursement Application Instructions


Brownfields Grant Funding Policy

Ability to Pay Determination and Evaluation Form

Policy for Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Analysis Method


Policy for Soil/Material Reuse at HSCA Regulated Sites

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)

SOP for Deep Soil Sampling

SOP for Shallow Soil Sampling

SOP for Surface Soil Sampling

SOP for Sediment Sampling

SOP for Groundwater Sampling

SOP for Surface Water Sampling

SOP for Active Soil Gas Sampling

SOP for Sub-Slab Air Sampling (Soil Gas)

SOP for Indoor Air Sampling

SOP for QA/QC Sampling

Forms and Templates

Application for Brownfield Certification

Standard Analytical List for Remedial Projects (TAL/TCL)

DNREC’s Environmental Covenant

Groundwater Management Zones (GMZs)

VCP Agreement

VCP Application Form


June 2016 Report on Economic Benefits of Brownfields: Economic Impact on Delaware’s Economy: The Brownfield Program 2015

Delaware Drycleaner Initiative Report: Drycleaners and the Chlorinated Solvent Problem (May 2018)