Polly Drummond Hill Road Demonstration Site

The Polly Drummond Hill Road Yard Waste Demonstration Site was established by DNREC as part of a project to give residents additional options for recycling yard wastes. A joint resolution, passed in the General Assembly in 2007, called for the agency to provide options for yard waste drop-off as such wastes are banned from landfills.

The Polly Drummond Hill Road Demonstration Site is closed for the season. Please use the Drop-Off Options page to find yard waste drop-off locations. Please call 302.739.9403 (Ext. 1) if you have questions for the Yard Waste Program.

The site is free for all Delaware residents to drop off yard waste only from their own property. There are alternate drop off sites throughout the rest of the state. Note that all alternative sites charge a fee for accepting yard waste.

Yard waste makes up a large percentage of the residential waste that goes into landfills. Keeping yard waste out of landfills by recycling and composting extends the life of the landfill and promotes sustainability.

Using the Demonstration Site

Yard waste includes plant materials from lawn maintenance and landscaping activities such as grass clippings, leaves, prunings, brush, shrubs, garden materials, Christmas trees and tree limbs up to four inches in diameter.

Only loose residential material can be left. Plastic bags and other containers must be emptied and removed from the site. Users must deposit yard waste in designated areas only.Instructional signs are posted on site.

The site is for residential material only. No lumber products, fencing, wire or plastic bundling may be dropped off. Violators will be prosecuted. The mulch on site at Polly Drummond is not owned by DNREC. It is the property of the contractor.

For dumping and related complaints, call 800.662.8802. If you have questions, please call 302.739.9403 (Ext. 1).

Finding the Site

The yard waste demonstration site is located east of Newark, on Polly Drummond Hill Road, about a half-mile north of Kirkwood Highway. There is a red metal gate at the entrance. It is directly across the road from the entrance to the Judge Morris Estate.

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