Online Application Submission

The Division of Water offers online application submission through the Digital DNREC web portal as an alternative to hand-delivery and/or mail-in applications for licenses and permits issued by the Division.

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The online application submission portal is part of a growing Digital DNREC. It was developed as part of DNREC’s efforts to keep staff and customers safe while maintaining consistent business practices during the COVID-19 outbreak.

While this tool was developed in response to the outbreak, it will remain available once normal business practices return. And it points to way to planned expansion into more online permitting and licensing options for Division of Water customers.

The Digital DNREC system can be used to submit applications for permits and licenses from the Wastewater, Wetlands and Subaqueous and Water Supply sections.

The Digital DNREC system is for submission and payment only. Electronic submission does not constitute application approval. The technical review and approval of applications submitted through this service will be processed by the appropriate staff in a manner consistent with all previous practices.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide scanned/digital versions of all necessary documentation that would otherwise be required for the hard-copy submission of these applications. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the submitted files are legible and complete.

Application Submission and Payment

Submission through this service will require the use of a modern web browser (i.e. Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) and a three-step process by the applicant.

1. Create an Account

The initial, one-time creation of a Digital DNREC profile account through which the applications are submitted. Please note that in order to make this service available quickly we are asking that users create “Individual” accounts for the time being.

Users will be given the opportunity to provide their Business information when submitting an application, which we can then use at a later date to create Business accounts, if desired by the applicants.

2. Upload Applications

The upload and the submission of the application and supporting documentation in PDF, JPG, or PNG format, after which the submission will be reviewed by program staff to evaluate that it is correct and complete. We are requesting that the uploaded files be named with applicant’s name and date (e.g. Smith, John – 042420.pdf)

3. Payment (If Required)

After review of the submission, the applicant will receive email notification that the application has been accepted and be directed to the payment portal, if payment is required. Only after payment has been made will the application be considered complete and placed in the queue for processing.

Any subsequent communication regarding the technical review and processing of the application, up to and including final permit issuance, will be via email correspondence. Hard copies of any issued permit/approval can be requested separately but may experience handling/mailing delays.

Please note that the Division still accepts hard copy submissions, however, those submissions may experience significant processing and transmission delays. Therefore, we are strongly encouraging applicants to use the Digital DNREC system so that the applications can be processed more efficiently.