Water Supply Application and License Fees

Following are application and license fees for the DNREC Division of Water Water Supply section.

Make checks out as payable to “Division of Water” unless otherwise noted. When an advertisement for a permit is required, the advertisement appears in Sunday newspapers, and is for a 15-day public comment period.

Pump Installer: $15

Pump Installer Contractor: $115

Water Well Contractor: $150

Well Driller: $30

Domestic Well: $35

Heat Pump Recharge Well: $75

Heat Pump Supply Well: $115

Industrial Well: $75

Public Well: $75

Monitor Well: $75
(Per individual well)

Public Notice Fee: $100
(Required only if the applicant is requesting an Alternate Method of Compliance)

DNREC (Public, Industrial, Commercial): $375

DRBC (Public, Industrial, Commercial, Irrigation): $1,000
(Privately sponsored projects)

DRBC (Public, Industrial, Commercial, Irrigation): $500
(Publicly sponsored projects, i.e., government agencies.)

Public Notice Fee: $100
(Required for all new Water Allocation Permits, Permit Modifications, or Permit Renewals)