Water Well Licensing Board

The Water Well Licensing Board is established in Delaware’s Regulations For Licensing Water Well Contractors, Pump Installer Contractors, Well Drillers, Well Drivers, And Pump Installers to advise and assist the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) in the administration of the licensing program.

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Sarah Silves
Licensing Coordinator
Division of Water

The Board establishes and manages the procedures and guidelines for licensing professionals in the well drilling professions. It develops application forms and examinations, reviews applications, examines candidates, and recommends granting, renewal or denial of licenses as well as suspension or revocation of licenses.

Board Meetings

All meetings of the Water Well Licensing Board are posted on the DNREC Calendar of Events and on the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar.

Board Members

The board includes representatives from DNREC, the Delaware Geological Survey, and the regulated community. Four of the six members are to hold valid well driller, well driver or pump installer licenses.

Mike Daisey, Chair

Alan Pongratz

Mike Kelley

Melvyn Miller

Eric Sackett

Steve McCreary


The Division of Water offers online application submission through the Digital DNREC web portal as an alternative to hand-delivery and/or mail-in applications for licenses and permits issued by the Division.

Individual License Application

Individual License Renewal

Contractor License Application

Contractor License Renewal