Well and Water Use Permit Data

The DNREC Water Supply Section maintains a database of water well data derived from permit applications, well completion and abandonment reports. Data from this system is available from the Delaware Open Data Portal and by request to the Division of Water.

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Well Permits Branch

The data in this system can be searched by property owner name, permit number and geographic location. The metadata for this dataset on the Open Data Portal includes a data dictionary with a full list and description of data fields.

Limitations of This Data

This dataset includes available information on well permits from around 1900 to the present. The data may be limited for wells installed before 1985. Specific location data, for some well types, is redacted by state law. The submission of a list of data generated by running a search by itself is not satisfactory if the data will be used to determine surrounding groundwater use for the purpose of obtaining a permit for waste storage, disposal, or treatment. We suggest combining data from this system with door-to door surveys and a review of county tax maps in order to obtain complete and detailed well information.

Request a Data Search

If you need the full dataset, please download it from the Open Data Portal.

To request a specific search of the data, please submit a request, using the state’s online Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) form. Or use the fillable PDF version of the FOIA form to create a FOIA request that can be mailed or faxed to the Department.

Your FOIA request should include a map clearly showing the area to be searched and all major roads and crossroads. You should include the address and county, and the tax map number. The report will be emailed after completion of the project. Allow a minimum of two weeks for processing the request.

Public records may be reproduced. Photocopies will be made available upon request at the rate of 10 cents per page when copies exceed 250 in response to a request, unless proof of not-for-profit status is provided. Please see the DNREC Policies and Procedures Regarding FOIA requests for a full explanation of fees.