Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands

The DNREC Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section provides permitting services for activities in Delaware’s wetlands, bays, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and other waterways that might require a permit under state law. These activities include marina construction and operation, and construction of docks and piers, shoreline stabilization projects, dredging, filling, bridge or culvert construction, utility crossings of streams, and other projects that could affect Delaware’s waters and wetlands.

Wetlands Are Valuable to Us

Both public and private wetlands are protected by federal and state laws because of their exceptional value to society. Maintaining wetland functions is essential to protecting the public.

Wetlands store and control flood waters, they control erosion, they protect water quality, and they provide habitat for fish, wildlife and plant species. Wetlands are important for education and recreation. And they supply us with lovely open places to enjoy.

While the degree to which a wetland area serves these functions varies from location to location, wetland area works in combination with others as part of a complex, integrated system.


Marina Regulations
(7 DE Admin. Code 7501)

Wetlands Regulations
(7 DE Admin. Code 7502)

Regulations Governing the Use of Subaqueous Lands
(7 DE Admin. Code 7504)