Nonpoint Source Program

The DNREC Nonpoint Source Program provides funding for projects designed to reduce nonpoint source (NPS) pollution in Delaware. Nonpoint source pollution is pollution that originates from a diffuse source (such as an open field or a road) and is transported to surface or ground waters through leaching or runoff.

The Seventh Annual Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta that had been scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 6, has been canceled.

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Ben Coverdale
Nonpoint Source Program
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The NPS Program hosts educational events and workshops providing residents with important information that helps protect Delaware’s aquatic resources.


Clean Water Act Section 319 Funding

EPA Chesapeake Bay Implementation Grant (CBIG) Program

305(b) Report & 303(d) List

Agricultural Nonpoint Source Loans for Dairy and Poultry Operations

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

Link to Delaware’s Five-Year Nonpoint Source Program Management Plan

Funding and Sources

Clean Water Act Section 319 Funding

Surface Water Matching Planning Grant

Community Water Quality Improvement Grant

State Revolving Fund

EPA Chesapeake Bay Implementation Grant (CBIG) Program

Plans and Strategies

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

Nonpoint Source Management Plan

2021 Annual Report

303(d) and 305 (b) Reports

Watershed Plans and Pollution Control Strategies

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan

Draft 2020-2021 Phase III Milestones, Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan



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Story Map – interactive GIS maps of projects

Success Stories (DNREC)

Success Stories (EPA)

2019 NPS Conference

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Local Government Guide to the Chesapeake Bay Module Series

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2019 NPS Conference

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