Events and Workshops

DNREC and its partners in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan have held a series of events, workshops and meetings to promote and support improvements to the water quality of the Chesapeake basin in Delaware.

2020 Reclaim our River Events

Butterfly PresentationThe Reclaim our River (ROR) Nanticoke Series, a program designed to bring water quality related events, workshops, and recreational opportunities to the Nanticoke River watershed. The ROR program presents information on reducing nutrient and sediment pollution and improving water quality, promotes public access to waterways, and provides recreational opportunities for residents to connect to local waterways and inspire action for improvements.

March 2, 2020 – Butterflies and Clean Water Presentation at the Laurel Library

Attendees heard from Monarch expert Mike McFarlin who explained how to help repopulate Delaware’s Monarch population. Participants also visited exhibits and heard from ROR partners on how pollinators like butterflies, are important for water quality.

2020 Statewide Outreach Events

March 12, 2020 – Mini Rain Garden Workshop and Presentation to Postlethwait Middle School

Students learned about water quality issues Delaware faces and techniques residents can use to make improvements. Students created their own mini rain gardens to take home and plant.

April 12 to 21, 2020 – DNREC Virtual Earth Week

For DNREC’s online scavenger hunt, the nonpoint source program asked Delaware residents questions and challenged them to activities to be entered in a drawing to win a prize.

2019 Reclaim our River Events

April 25, 2019 – Rain Barrel Building Workshop in Blades

Attendees learned information about rain barrels and how they help improve local waterways. Participants were provided free 55-gallon plastic drums and rain barrel kits from the ROR partnership and rain barrels were constructed on site.

May 22, 2019 – EcoPaddle on Broad Creek

Attendees joined ROR program partners for a guided morning paddle on a portion of tidal Broad Creek, enjoyed lunch after, and learned more about local organizations and what’s being done to improve water quality in the Nanticoke watershed.

Eco-Paddle on Broad Creek

June 27, 2019 – Bee-autiful Homes for Our Native Pollinators

Attendees of the workshop learned about the importance of pollinators and how they help improve water quality. Participants in the workshop created their own pollinator habitats to take home.

July 20, 2019 – Native Trees for the Birds and the Bees and the Seas

Attendees learned information on the importance of increasing Delaware’s tree canopy and how that relates to water quality. Participants also received free trees.

Recycled Cardboard Boat

August 3, 2019 – Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta

Participants raced homemade boats made from recycled cardboard on the Nanticoke River. During the event, attendees enjoyed music, food, snacks, and beverages, while learning about the ROR partnership and how to help improve the health of Delaware’s waterways.

2020 Statewide Outreach Events

May 11, 2019 – Delaware Envirothon

The Nonpoint Source Program participated in staffing this competition which is a “day in the field” where students are challenged to answer written questions and conduct hands-on investigations of a variety of environmental issues.

May 16, 2019 – Make a Splash Stormwater Cornhole activity

Students learned about watersheds and water quality through an interactive cornhole game as part of a day of activities that educate participants on water quality resources.

June 8, 2019 – Water Family Fest

The Nonpoint Source Program held a “Native Plants Giveaway” along with providing attendees with important information that can help improve water quality.

June 20, 2019 – Nanticoke Wade In and Nanticoke River Report Card Release


Attendees got their feet wet to help evaluate the river’s condition using the “Sneaker Index.” Watershed residents measured how deep they can wade into the water and still see their feet. This is a casual indicator of water clarity – the ability of sunlight to reach the bottom, which is crucial for supporting high dissolved oxygen levels, bottom-dwelling species and submerged aquatic vegetation.

June 18 to 27, 2019 – Delaware State Fair

Fairgoers visited displays by Watershed Stewardship that described Delaware’s diverse environment while providing important information on how to protect our natural resources.

Oct. 6, 2019 – Coast Day

A nonpoint source program exhibit consisted of a variety of educational activities and information for both children and adults. The primary goal was to show Delawareans how choices they make can impact water quality and provide them with tools to help improve water quality by reducing nutrient and sediment pollution.

Oct. 19, 2019 Blackbird Creek Fall Festival

This event is designed to foster stewardship of the Delaware Bayshore and brings a variety of groups together to share information on how to maintain healthier local watersheds. NPS provided exhibits and information on DNREC’s Delaware Livable Lawns program and pet waste campaign, as well as other actions that can be taken to reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality.

2018 Reclaim Our River, Nanticoke Series

The 2018 Reclaim Our River Program (ROR) is designed to bring watershed events, workshops and recreational opportunities to the Nanticoke Watershed. This is the 5th year of ROR and we have lots of family oriented activities for all ages where we’ll be having fun around Delaware’s waterways and learning how to protect where we play.

This program provides important information on techniques of reducing nutrient and sediment pollution and other ways to improve water quality. The series also promotes public access to waterways and provides recreational opportunities as a way to connect us to our waterways and inspire us all to make improvements.

Chesapeake Bay BMP Verification Framework Kick-Off Meeting

The meeting was held on March 26, 2015, at the St. Jones Reserve, in Dover.


BMP Verification Summary

Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership’s Basin-wide BMP Verification Framework

Delaware’s Historical Data Clean Up

Framework Summary and Tables

Photos of the meeting

Land Restoration Workshop: Share Your Story

Conservationists from across Delaware met on Nov. 6, 2013, to share their land restoration stories through site visits, presentations and discussions on best management practices, landowner stories, funding sources, and program benefits. The workshop was supported by DNREC’s Division of Watershed Stewardship, Watershed Assessment and Management Section and the Delaware Coastal Training Program.

The morning session featured a driving tour of restoration projects throughout Kent County. Impacts and improvements to water quality were presented. Participants visited several restoration sites to view first-hand how the projects are accomplished and how they impact water quality. The afternoon was spent implementing and reviewing lessons learned through hands-on projects and discussions. The afternoon session included presentations and discussions highlighting features and benefits of various restoration programs and reviewed principles of site restoration.

Save the Date

Program Booklet (Agenda Included) -Readable Version

Site and Workshop Photos

More Photos

Press Release

Delaware’s Chesapeake Bay Communities: Action Today for Tomorrow’s Healthy Water

A workshop on March 5, 2013, highlighting the progress in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) with a special focus on new proposed state regulations, grants 101 for municipal government officials, and local project updates.



Handout – A partnership to clean up our waterways

Handout – Delaware’s 2012-2013 milestone commitments

Handout – Funding resources

Presentation – Action Today for Tomorrow’s Healthy Water (WIP update)

Presentation – Grants 101

Video (YouTube, 1 hour 38 minutes long) – Grant writing 101

Attendees and Exhibitors of workshop

Follow-up article in the News Journal, March 6, 2013

Follow-up press release, March 12, 2013